ESSNCE is an independent fragrance brand from Sweden handcrafted in Grasse, France, the world's capital of perfume. The initial idea was born from the desire to reconcile iconic fragrances with affordable prices. We made ESSNCE available for everyone at any time. 

By experimenting with smell, one of the most fundamental senses of human kind, we take you back in time to revisit places, memories and even people in just one whiff. Beside walking down memory lane in your signature scent we want you to find new favorites for all occasion as one fragrance is just not enough. 

Dressed in a timeless design we give you dupes of iconic fragrances to a fair deal that makes it possible to expand your perfume wardrobe without compromising on quality or clearing your savings. We have cut out retail markup, exclusive decor and unnecessary costs to simply let you to pay for the pure experience of a great essence.